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Our Values

  • Continuous Innovation: A company in the manufacturing sector that competes on the global stage cannot afford to lag behind or make no progress. Armed with that perspective, we channel a major portion of our earnings into R&D.
  • Customer Focus: Even though we are the largest manufacturer of technical boots in Europe, we are different from a traditional mass manufacturer in so many ways. Since each geography / country / intended use is unique, we manufacture products tailored to different customer requirements. Furthermore, we offer our customers after-sales support because we see each customer as a long-term partner.
  • Reliability: Using fully automated systems and a barcode system, we never compromise on our quality standards, which are subject to constant testing at our proprietary laboratory. Quality is our top priority because we want our customers to wear YDS boots without having any doubt in their minds regarding the products.
  • National Awareness: While we open up to the world, we remain firmly tied to our roots, never forgetting our duties to our country. Relying on local resources as a global company, in terms of both materials and workforce, we continue to power ahead on our journey.