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Our Quality Policy

As Europe’s largest manufacturer of technical boots, we manage our processes from a risk management perspective in line with our founding purpose, aligning company objectives with our strategies, identifying and analyzing any internal and external factors that might affect the achievement of these objectives, meeting the needs and expectations of internal and external parties, and remaining committed to continuously improving our quality management system in accordance with customer and legal requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Depending on the nature and extent of occupational health and safety risks that might affect company operations, we ensure that objectives are identified, reviewed, documented and properly implemented by acting in accordance with legal requirements to prevent possible injuries and damage to health. Training is provided to raise employee awareness, and we are committed to constantly improving our occupational health and safety performance by reviewing the system as needed.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to achieving the environmental goals for our footwear and textile production in line with our corporate policies, protecting the environment, complying with environmental regulations, raising our stakeholders’ awareness of environmental issues and sustainable use of resources, and continuously improving our environmental performance and management system.